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Teamwork always comes first.

When I was an undergraduate and a master student, I was a member of the volleyball school team in NTU. My major position is outside-hitter, opposite, and libero. Although I'm not a member of the team anymore after graduation, volleyball still plays a very important role in my daily life.

The most important thing that defines this sport is teamwork. Any moment, any point in a game requires close and active communications among all the team members. In addition, any movement in a game could have instantaneous and significant effects. Therefore, during a game, one has to calmly analyze and understand all the situations among the teammates and even the opponents. Furthermore, my experiences of playing volleyball, especially as an outside-hitter, equip me to handle high pressure in many aspects. 

In short, teamwork, serenity, and renitency are what I learn from this sport. They are also very crucial for personality in doing research and in daily life.



Before the finishing line...

Running is one of my interests as well. Since my first semi-marathon in 2013, I've attended one (full-)marathon (42.195km) and more than 10 semi-marathons (21km) till now. This habit helps me keep fit, stay healthy, and relax.

For me, I enjoy my running time during which I can freely communicate with and listen to myself. I enjoy the landscapes, the views, and the moment. Sometimes I even talk to myself, think about the ongoing projects and all the daily stuffs. It could be the moment that neat ideas come out.

What I learn from running is perhaps the persistence. I know how hard it could be to keep running for more than 5 or 6 hours and, in order not to give up, it definitely requires a very strong will of crossing the finishing line. Doing research, or more precisely, the whole academic career, is like a marathon. In this career, nothing is more important than persistence in order to move forward.

The guy on the left is my french friend Fabien Nugier, who was a postdoc fellow in LeCosPA when I was a Ph.D. student. This picture was taken in 2018, after we finished a semi-marathon held in Yilan.

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